The Season for Harvest mites

make the cat feel more comfortable. In cats which are very sensitive to mites additional treatment with anti-inflammatory therapy and occasionally physical restraints such as Elizabethan collars may be necessary to prevent further self-trauma. We use a product powder treatment for cats that kills the mites and in 95% of cases the product works successfully.

Harvest mites can affect people!
People can be affected by harvest mites. These are not caught from cats or dogs but from infested outdoor environments. People's ankles become affected by walking through infested vegetation but more generalized lesions can follow sitting or lying in infested areas. Most people think it is ants that are causing problems.   Typical human skin reactions consist of an intensely irritant rash. Specific treatment is usually unnecessary. Avoid infested areas, this is the best way of preventing the problem, make sure you take a shower or bath as soon as you can if your skin becomes inflamed or sensitive.