We felt that the information/quotation was very helpful. We didn't look at any other organisations for transportation as we were confident that your organisation would be the best for us. Your Pet travel vehicle met our expectations. Elsa was happy and did not appear overly anxious although she was tired. It was lovely to see the photos of Elsa on her journey on facebook. We felt fully informed the whole time she was travelling. We we're delighted with everything that you did and the service you provide. I wish that we had found you sooner. We are delighted with the whole service you have provided including the lovely Dog Hotel you have in Spain and would have no hesitation in recommending you. Thank you for all your help

DONNA ABBOTT with Elsa the Weimeraner who traveled from Gibraltar to Suffolk June 2016

Everything was clear and straight to the point with the paperwork & booking. We were happy with the quote and the testimonials from many other happy pet owners re assured us that we were choosing the right company. The vehicle was perfect - plenty room for large and small dogs.Minnie was stress free and happy to see is but equally as happy to see Les when he opened the door. She then went happily snoozing on the couch and a happy little dog - I just know that this is by far the fairer way to transport pets , to be stuck in the hold of a plane must be terrifying for them. Without a doubt we felt reassured that Minnie was well and being looked after correctly, it was great to see her journey on facebook.We were completely happy with the service- keep doing what you are doing!! Just want to say a big thank you - Les was so kind to Minnie and she liked him - dogs don't lie!! So happy to have our girl home and happy and healthy x
Mr & Mrs Taylor. Minnie traveled with Posh Pets Travel October 2015

Paperwork and correspondence from you with no problems at all. I did not look elsewhere for quotes, was happy with the recommendations. I have no idea what the inside of your vehicles look like, I think it would be nice to see this at some stage but was really happy with the quality of service. The condition of Gnasher on arrival in Spain was that he was very healthy and happy, no stress at all. I was well informed through Facebook,felt if I needed to contact you, it wouldnt have been a problem either. Very happy with the complete service that Posh Pets gave. Thank you very much for looking after Gnasher
Mr Michael Tidball.  Transported Gnasher from Wells, UK to Cordoba, Spain October 2014

The Email correspondence was perfect, very thoroughly covered what we needed to do & what we were to expect from Posh Pets. We chose Posh Pet because we sore a lot more care to detail, especially the facilities, communication was spot on! Price was more than the basic "transit van" but Posh Pet deliverers to a very high standard.Great van conditions, especially as the driver can hear the animals while on transit, was a bonus for us. Highly recommend. The Vehicle was of a very high standard.-My parents were on his arrival, he was his happy bouncy self. No anxiety problems at all. He had a whale of a time!Facebook is amazing, Posh Pets gave us regular updates on our dog, where they stopped on route. Excellent with communication.  Posh pets service was perfect. Website is in good detail. Easy to contact. Quick response. Highly Recommend.
Buster the Lhasa Ahso traveled from Gibraltar to Norfolk, UK June 2014, Matthew Rowley

All the information that we received was perfect, detailed and a really quick answer everytime that we had a question. I looked in different pet transportation, and Posh pet was the cheapest one, but our decision was taken because the service offered was much better and clear than other. Price was a factor but you gave to us more security about the transport. Yes, the moment I saw the vehicle I was happier than before, it met my expectations. My only worry was that our cat travel with more dogs, and perhaps he could be stressed. Cat was really quiet and he didnt look stressed or in bad mood. Which was our major concern, When we saw him, it was a big release. I felt informed all the time, from my initial enquiry until my pet arrived,