Everyday you post in Facebook pictures and updating status to see the pets conditions, Therefore we were less worried because we saw them in really well conditions and we had contact all the time with you. We are really happy with the service that you provided. Even we have recommended to our friends in UK, in case that they need your services.  Many thanks to transport our cat, you have been very nice from the beginning and we appreciate your hard work, because we know how hard is the trip.
Transported Arthur the cat from Aberdeen to Malaga beginning of July 2014 victor biedma

The paperwork & emails were all very well handled with quick responses. I did get other quotes but yours was the most competitive. The price was not the deciding factor. The vehicle was good. Archie was very happy and well looked after It was all good. The facebook updates showing Archie on his walks during the journey was fantastic. Gave us total peace of mind. We were extremely happy. I would recommend your company to everyone. I think you're fantastic. THANK YOU
Archie Travelled with Posh Pets from Hertfordshire, UK to Alicante Spain early July 2014 Hayley Wilkens

I think the emailed information I received was perfect. I received other quotations, some quotations were cheaper but the transport was by plane. I think that transport by plane is not saf , for this reason I prefer to pay more money for a safe transport. I think that your vehicle is a very nice Pet Transportation vehicle. I found my pet very very happy and no stress on arrival.  Everything was perfect! Loved the facebook updates.  I was very happy with Posh Pets Spain service. Very good service and safe for the pets  Kind regards.  Sonia Hevia (Spain)
"Kay" a little Yorkie was collected from Leon, Spain and travelled with Posh Pets to Edinburgh, Scotland - March 2014

Very informative emailed correspondence on our quotation.  I did get another quotation, which was a bit cheaper. Although price did feature in the decision, the main factor was the information received regarding the journey and how the animals were to be transported.  The vehicle looked very impressive. Clean cages and not cramped.  All three animals looked clean, healthy and happy on arrival to us.  We were very well informed. We particularly enjoyed seeing their progress on facebook. An excellent idea.  The pets spent only a week in kennels at Posh Pets and they were fine.  We were very happy with the service that Posh Pets gave us.  We would certainly highly recommend the service provided and it was clear that both Rachel and Les were very caring towards the animals and also sensitive to how much they mean to their owners.  Many thanks  Susan and Jeff Warry.  And also Harley, Jasmine and Lily. x
(Pets transported from Manilva, Southern Spain to Exeter, Devon ) 27th March 2014

I was very comforted when I received a reply to my initial enquiry. Rachel explained everything so clearly and it was obvious to me that the animal's well-being was their most important objective. For me the information was faultless and incredibly quick to arrive. Very impressive.  The same evening I wrote to three transportation companies I found via the internet search. The others quoted me around 400 pounds. When it comes to moving a much loved pet, the price for me is not the main factor. The ability to follow the route was so reassuring, as was the caring attitude of Posh Pets. One company refused to enter the city and proposed meeting outside the city, which was not an option for me. There was no mention of exercise en route which worried me greatly.  I didn't really see much of the vehicle as I was so excited to see Scruffy and also it was dark. But the vehicle looked new and customized and Scruffy was really well and happy so I'm sure it was fine and comfortable for her. My family in England and I are very impressed with all that you did for us and Scruffy. We loved the photos and the funny comments made en route. We felt relaxed and confident that all was well. We knew we were only a phone call away if we had any queries. Perfect. Scruffy arrived happy and in perfect condition - quite a feat considering the bad weather going through France!!