i have just recently recommended you to an acquaintance who phoned and was happy with the blockquote that they have now booked for their little terrier to go to Wales. I suppose there is always room for improvement in any service we may receive but the service I received from you was exceptional from beginning to end.

Janet Kane with little Rocky the French Bull dog transported January 2012 Fuengirola to Liverpool.


Just a note to say THANK YOU very very much for bringing me tribe home.
Your professionalism and due care has been brilliant.
They have settled down a bit now, Rocky just strutted round the place like he'd been here before, took a while for Percy to show his colours, Jaffa was a bit nervous but ok,they are all asleep cuddled up on the settee. As I said its taken 6 months to plan to this stage, part 2 to follow, but now were all reunited gonna have a few weeks bonding, then start on stage 2. Thank you for everything Rachel, including transferring Elvis back last year.
So I can't say any more. Well done to you, and who knows...I may end up back in Rute one day.
Say thanks to Les? (sorry if wrong name) It's a long trip you both have to make, and you have tons of responsibility, but I wouldn't trust anyone else to care for me pets.
Everything was as expected, you can't improve on perfection !! Thought you did brilliant, very professional from start to finish. The Price was excellent, wouldn't choose anyone else to transport me Tribe, especially if we come back The vehicle for pet transportation was fantastic so that you could handle the pets in a safe controlled environment. The Facebook Posh Pets Spain page was brilliant, never expected it to be so good, and informative, I could track the progress back to the UK, the 'UK Border' photos made me cry, I was so happy that they were back in the UK !! I was so happy with the complete service that POSH PETS SPAIN gave, the only thing I could have asked for was to bring a few boxes of Andalucian sunshine next time !! Cos we ALL miss it !!!! Other than that, you were brilliant.!!
All the best for 2012.
Ian x

Transporting 4 cats to Yorkshire from Rute January 12th 2012

Good correspondence throughout initial enquiry to delivery of my boy!
Very competitive blockquote and the most important thing was the comfort of my pet. The transport vehicle met my expectations. Good communication throughout, was glued to Facebook for updates, thanks a lot for that! :)
Very happy for the complete Posh Pets Service thanks!


Lee-Ann Ballard with Kane transporting Kane from San Roque to Wimbledon January 12th 2012

All correspondence was excellent and quickly received. I found you to be very competitive. The price is a factor initially but trust is more important and a sense of care to the animals. I did not see the vehicle first hand but what I did see on your website & Face Book I was impressed. I think the Face Book is an excellent way to keep us fully informed and it was good to check in every day and see where you all were and how everyone was doing, it was like tracking you all!!! Couper returned to me happy and well cared for looking fantastic, the photos which were posted on line of him playing showed to me how well he was taken care of, I really cannot think of any way in which you can improve, showing the animals affection and taking time to play with them is important and that it what you have done. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for boarding and pet transportation, I was very anxious prior to Couper being picked up but once I met you I was totally relaxed and knew he was in good hands and he would be looked after as if he were your own, I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of Couper.


Jaqueline mcdaid the owner of Couper the Yellow Labrador (boarding & Pet Transportation from Marbella to Fife, Scotland) September 2011


We were more than happy with all correspondence from Posh Pets regarding pet transportation. We did not receive any other blockquotes for pet transportation as we felt the price was fair and also we were very happy with the service from Posh Pets and had no wish to entrust our pets to any other company. We were very happy with the detail