We felt that the information/quotation was very helpful. We didn't look at any other organisations for transportation as we were confident that your organisation would be the best for us. Your Pet travel vehicle met our expectations. Elsa was happy and did not appear overly anxious although she was tired. It was lovely to see the photos of Elsa on her journey on facebook. We felt fully informed the whole time she was travelling. We we're delighted with everything that you did and the service you provide. I wish that we had found you sooner. We are delighted with the whole service you have provided including the lovely Dog Hotel you have in Spain and would have no hesitation in recommending you. Thank you for all your help

DONNA ABBOTT with Elsa the Weimeraner who traveled from Gibraltar to Suffolk June 2016

Everything was clear and straight to the point with the paperwork & booking. We were happy with the quote and the testimonials from many other happy pet owners re assured us that we were choosing the right company. The vehicle was perfect - plenty room for large and small dogs.Minnie was stress free and happy to see is but equally as happy to see Les when he opened the door. She then went happily snoozing on the couch and a happy little dog - I just know that this is by far the fairer way to transport pets , to be stuck in the hold of a plane must be terrifying for them. Without a doubt we felt reassured that Minnie was well and being looked after correctly, it was great to see her journey on facebook.We were completely happy with the service- keep doing what you are doing!! Just want to say a big thank you - Les was so kind to Minnie and she liked him - dogs don't lie!! So happy to have our girl home and happy and healthy x
Mr & Mrs Taylor. Minnie traveled with Posh Pets Travel October 2015

Paperwork and correspondence from you with no problems at all. I did not look elsewhere for quotes, was happy with the recommendations.I have no idea what the inside of your vehicles look like, I think it would be nice to see this at some stage but was really happy with the quality of service.The condition of Gnasher on arrival in Spain was that he was very healthy and happy, no stress at all.I was well informed through Facebook,felt if I needed to contact you, it wouldnt have been a problem either. Very happy with the complete service that Posh Pets gave. Thank you very much for looking after Gnasher
Mr Michael Tidball. Transported Gnasher from Wells, UK to Cordoba, Spain October 2014

The Email correspondence was perfect, very thoroughly covered what we needed to do & what we were to expect from Posh Pets. We chose Posh Pet because we sore a lot more care to detail, especially the facilities, communication was spot on! Price was more than the basic "transit van" but Posh Pet deliverers to a very high standard.Great van conditions, especially as the driver can hear the animals while on transit, was a bonus for us. Highly recommend. The Vehicle was of a very high standard.-My parents were on his arrival, he was his happy bouncy self. No anxiety problems at all. He had a whale of a time!Facebook is amazing, Posh Pets gave us regular updates on our dog, where they stopped on route. Excellent with communication. Posh pets service was perfect. Website is in good detail. Easy to contact. Quick response. Highly Recommend.
Buster the Lhasa Ahso traveled from Gibraltar to Norfolk, UK June 2014, Matthew Rowley

All the information that we received was perfect, detailed and a really quick answer everytime that we had a question.I looked in different pet transportation, and Posh pet was the cheapest one, but our decision was taken because the service offered was much better and clear than other. Price was a factor but you gave to us more security about the transport. Yes, the moment I saw the vehicle I was happier than before, it met my expectations. My only worry was that our cat travel with more dogs, and perhaps he could be stressed.Cat was really quiet and he didnt look stressed or in bad mood. Which was our major concern, When we saw him, it was a big release. I felt informed all the time, from my initial enquiry until my pet arrived, Everyday you post in Facebook pictures and updating status to see the pets conditions, Therefore we were less worried because we saw them in really well conditions and we had contact all the time with you.We are really happy with the service that you provided. Even we have recommended to our friends in UK, in case that they need your services. Many thanks to transport our cat, you have been very nice from the beginning and we appreciate your hard work, because we know how hard is the trip.
Transported Arthur the cat from Aberdeen to Malaga beginning of July 2014 victor biedma

The paperwork & emails were all very well handled with quick responses. I did get other quotes but yours was the most competitive. The price was not the deciding factor. The vehicle was good. Archie was very happy and well looked after It was all good. The facebook updates showing Archie on his walks during the journey was fantastic. Gave us total peace of mind. We were extremely happy. I would recommend your company to everyone. I think you're fantastic. THANK YOU
Archie Travelled with Posh Pets from Hertfordshire, UK to Alicante Spain early July 2014 Hayley Wilkens

I think the emailed information I received was perfect.I received other quotations, some quotations were cheaper but the transport was by plane. I think that transport by plane is not saf , for this reason I prefer to pay more money for a safe transport.I think that your vehicle is a very nice Pet Transportation vehicle.I found my pet very very happy and no stress on arrival. Everything was perfect! Loved the facebook updates. I was very happy with Posh Pets Spain service. Very good service and safe for the pets Kind regards. Sonia Hevia (Spain)
"Kay" a little Yorkie was collected from Leon, Spain and travelled with Posh Pets to Edinburgh, Scotland - March 2014

Very informative emailed correspondence on our quotation. I did get another quotation, which was a bit cheaper. Although price did feature in the decision, the main factor was the information received regarding the journey and how the animals were to be transported. The vehicle looked very impressive. Clean cages and not cramped. All three animals looked clean, healthy and happy on arrival to us. We were very well informed. We particularly enjoyed seeing their progress on facebook. An excellent idea. The pets spent only a week in kennels at Posh Pets and they were fine. We were very happy with the service that Posh Pets gave us. We would certainly highly recommend the service provided and it was clear that both Rachel and Les were very caring towards the animals and also sensitive to how much they mean to their owners. Many thanks Susan and Jeff Warry. And also Harley, Jasmine and Lily. x
(Pets transported from Manilva, Southern Spain to Exeter, Devon ) 27th March 2014

I was very comforted when I received a reply to my initial enquiry. Rachel explained everything so clearly and it was obvious to me that the animal's well-being was their most important objective. For me the information was faultless and incredibly quick to arrive. Very impressive. The same evening I wrote to three transportation companies I found via the internet search. The others quoted me around 400 pounds. When it comes to moving a much loved pet, the price for me is not the main factor. The ability to follow the route was so reassuring, as was the caring attitude of Posh Pets. One company refused to enter the city and proposed meeting outside the city, which was not an option for me. There was no mention of exercise en route which worried me greatly. I didn't really see much of the vehicle as I was so excited to see Scruffy and also it was dark. But the vehicle looked new and customized and Scruffy was really well and happy so I'm sure it was fine and comfortable for her.My family in England and I are very impressed with all that you did for us and Scruffy. We loved the photos and the funny comments made en route. We felt relaxed and confident that all was well. We knew we were only a phone call away if we had any queries. Perfect.Scruffy arrived happy and in perfect condition - quite a feat considering the bad weather going through France!! I felt well-informed and reassured she was in the best hands. I could see from the photos that she was receiving loving care. Honestly, I was amazed at the wonderful service. Everyone was so kind and efficient. Faultless. The only one comment I would like to give:- I being a Spanish resident and with my banking details in Spain, I did encounter a few problems to send you the payment. I am not permitted a bank account in England and the post office does not offer a service directly. Luckily I managed to make the payment using my brother's account. I do not understand Paypal very well and friends of mine have had problems with it - so I preferred not to use it. I understand that this was not a problem generated by Posh Pets but the English banking system. Rather antiquated. It seems odd considering the UK is in the EEC:Many thanks for everything. Eternally grateful to you all.
Catherine Halley with Scruffy the dog ( travelling from Essex to Madrid January 2014)

Just want to say carry on doing the same good job your service was fantastic. We received no other quotes and price was never a factor as we were so impressed with your professionalism. We were also impressed with your pet transport vehicle......I should have come back with you!! Lily was good on arrival in Bluith Wells but still trying to get used to her surroundings and she is very unsure, she want to be with you all of the time. There is nothing I can say that needs improving on your service, again you only have to do the same good job. We were over the moon with the service in transporting Lily back to us. Thanks again Rachel and Les we wish you all the success in the future, good job done. Jim & Marion
(Jim & Marion Mc Cann transporting Lily the cat from Competa , Spain to Bluith Wells UK January 2014)

Nothing to improve with the correspondence, very informative. After reading reviews and looking on the posh pets website, I could see you were the best at what you do.For sure we were impressed with the travel vehicle, I think Iscas compartment was great. You do a fantastic job and have recommended you to our vets clients. She arrived very happy.Posh Pets is very efficient and you can clearly see you work very hard to keep the pets happy and safe. Good work posh pets!!
(Victoria Mansfield transporting Isca the Cavalier from Barcelona to Worcestershire & return for Christmas December 2013 /January 2014)

Everything was clearly listed in the emails and responses were very prompt and excellent. A facility to fill in the pet transportation form online would have helped yourselves as unfortunately my printer wasn't working and it had to be on your own form.Price was not a factor in Tango's case as the timing was the most important but I had obtained another quote and your quote was much more competitive, On a different occasion, with more time to plan, price would have to be an important factor.The vehicle looked exactly what was needed and Tango's compartment big enough for him. It was hard to believe what good condition he arrived in. He was happy and stress free and excellently groomed. Thank you so much.It was wonderful to see the pictures of Tango looking well and happy as he travelled back to us. Three days is quite a long time away from him but to be able to follow your route and hear the news was excellent.We couldn't fault any of the service you provided. It was excellent. I would love to know how you managed to groom Tango so well. He was in beautiful condition when he arrived and very happy. Thank you so much for managing to fit him in on your trip at such late notice.
Noreen Leigh with Tango the Golden retriever transported from Santa Margarita in Southern Spain to Exeter, Devon January 2014

Our Initial enquiry for Pet Travel was very useful and informative, it gave me all the answers I needed to the questions I had. I received 2 other quotes for transportation. Both were more expensive than your own. Posh Pets however were recommended to me by a colleague whose parents in law used your boarding facilities and he said you were a fantastic company so having the peace of mind of a recommendation was very important. I was very happy that you conform to DEFRA standards and that you were fully committed to transporting my cats to the UK in comfort not just because of these standards but because you care for the animals too. All of the arrangements for my cats was completed on email. The initial information was excellent and you fully detailed all the areas we needed to amend on the cats passports. The rest of the communication we received was exceptional, and being able to “follow” the journey on Facebook was fantastic!I cannot begin to thank Rachel & Les both enough for bringing my girls to their new home. The help they gave us and the extra mile they went to in the face of numerous issues with the cats passports, then the events in France. The clear and concise help and instruction enabling Rob to go to our Spanish vet and get the issue sorted from that side, then for help they did in France was fantastic. I would highly recommend Posh Pets services to any one, their knowledgeable and caring and made a stressful (for us) move a lot easier. Thank you so much again!
Karen, Rob, Sala and Consuela (Milou) xxxx ( transported cats from Manilva to Manchester October 2013)

I would say there is Nothing to improve on this pet transport service. Fantastic!! We didn´t get any other quotations as Posh Pets had been recommended to us. The price was NOT a factor in our decision to use you. Quality of care was most important. I didn´t see it but my husband did and he said it was wonderfully equipt. We were well informed throughout the transportation of Dolly to her new home. It made having to send her away to our niece, a lot easier. Absolutely delighted with the service. I can´t think of anything they haven´t thought of already.
Jan Hill - transported Dolly the Collie cross from Chiclana to Milton Keynes October 2013

Having spent the last few years commenting on the Posh Pets Spain Pet Travel service we are now experiencing this fantastic service first hand as our two dogs and two cats are being relocated to the UK. I can safely say that if this service did not exist we would have hesitated to move and would have had to do it ourselves. Posh Pets Do it so much better and we were able to concentrate on our own move knowing that our animals were in the best possible hands!! Thank you Rachel and Les and also for the extra service of giving us some tips on driving back up through Spain yesterday. Thanks Les for your help!
Mandy Vellacott - transported 4 pets from Alhaurin el Grande Spain to Devon UK

Agree with you 100% Mandy, my girls are on board too and there is no-one else I would trust them with. Fantastic service and kind caring lovers of animals. Safe trip home to Devon xx
Leigh Heap ( transported 2 cats from Alhaurin el Grande to Bradford UK) Facebook message on our Page - POSH PETS SPAIN - 10th October 2013

Dear Rachel now the dust has settled we simply wish to say a big thank you for all of your hard work and professional approach which went into moving our cats from Javea to Chepstow in the UK. Both of us were obviously very much delayed due to road accidents us with our dogs you with the cats. Last Friday I visited the cattery to talk to the owners and they too wish to express their sincere thanks for you keeping them closely in touch with developments.They too found you truly professional and absolutely first class. They were less than enthusiastic as to another animal moving company and whose organisation they have witnessed recently and at first hand.You are able and certainly so able to use this testimonial. yours
Ken and Linda Ivin ( Transported 3 cats from Javea, Spain to Chepstow ( October 2013)

Dear Posh Pets
I just wanted to say a very very big thank you for bringing Lluna and Kyara from Barcelona to London for me, sorry for the delay in saying thank you but things have been a little manic since we all arrived :-)
The service you gave was fab (100% better then the last company we used) my doggies were so happy, which is fantastic considering that Lluna is generally a very nervous dog. Keep up the good work, and will use Posh Pets again when it is time to go back to Barca!
Kind Regards,
Ashly Villegas-Williamson
HR Services Europe (HRS)
ACS (BPS) Ltd, A Xerox Company

Email - received 2nd October 2013

Facebook Post on our Page: 8 September at 13:43 near Liverpool, England, United Kingdom Aimiee Ralston
I can not thank you both enough for everything you have done for me and Luis, I never thought I would see the day he would be here in Liverpool. Thank you for making it such an easy process and for always keeping me updated while in the hotel and on the trip. Luis has settled in well. Thank you so much again, I will be sure to spread the word about such an amazing company. Lots of love Aimiee and Luis xxx

Luis travelled with us from the Costa del Sol to Liverpool September 2013

I found you guys to be very professional and very informative. I loved being able to check Facebook and see happy dogs on their travels. Mine looked very happy so I thank you again for taking such good care of them. I did receive other quotations, price was not the most important thing for me..it was recommendations on how good you guys are that we decided to use you and we are very happy we made the right choice.
We were very impressed with the vehicle, pampered pooched for sure. I thought by keeping in touch via Facebook was a great idea so you can see them along their journey. The service was first class door to door and we would defo use you again and will recommend highly to friends. We were very happy with your service. First class.. I think the attention to detail and the way they are cared for is second to none.
Many thanks once again on behalf of my family.

Take care.
Tracey Walls
Woof woof. From mazy n Max xx


Hi Rachel, Let me thank you again for everything, and be sure that if we need to move Pancha again we'll count on you guys.
Raquel, Cecilia, Javier, and Panchita.
All your correspondance was informative- it was all right for us. The main reason to choose you was the feeling of good care with our dog. We were very impressed with your vehicle, I was not very familiar with this type of service before but it was impressive for me. I was happy with the info provided before and during the trip. Facebook was fantastic. We were very happy with the overall service.

Raquel, Cecilia, Javier, and Panchita. ( Transported from Albacete, Spain to Derby UK 28th March 2013)

Apologies for taking so long to reply - we have been surrounded by mountains of packing cases since they were delivered last Monday and then a problem for the past few days with British Telecom and the internet!
Jack has settled really well - he's become a proper 'Townie' very quickly and hops on and off the tram on our way to various walks like he's been doing it all his life!
Thank you for delivering him safe, sound and on time - pretty good considering the atrocious weather you faced! Not much better now and looks like its going to go on and on and on......!
Just to say that all communication was excellent and everything covered. We did not get any other quotation and price was not an issue. We would not have trusted Jack with any one else based on your reputation and the fact that Jack knew you and you knew him over the past 5 years.
The POSH PETS vehicle looked fab - far better than my flight with Easyjet!
We were very well informed through all stages and it was great to see pictures of Jack and the other pets on Face Book.
We were completely happy. Our first priority when deciding to relocate was Jack's transportation and once this was booked with you we could sort everything else with complete confidence and peace of mind that Jack was taken care of.

Chris & Peter owners of " Jack" transported in March 2013 from Alhaurin el Grande to Croydon, London

Here let me be open and to say that I have undoubtedly been a pain to you and simply behaved like a young child. I do apologize but the concept was difficult for us and our cats going such a long way! We need not have worried they were and are safe and secure and now equally in good hands in Jesus Pobre. Your company and organization is simply wonderful and Les has his feet so very firmly on the ground. We cannot praise you enough and you may use this recommendation.
When we arrive in Spain we would like to put something in an envelope for Les and hope you will be able to give it to him. You are not aware but we are in Spain just for twelve months and then our cats and our dogs are going back with us to Chepstow just over the Severn Bridge from England. You are very much in our contact list and we would love you please to look after our animals once more. with our very best and sincere wishes

Ken and Linda ( Transporting 3 cats from St Malo, France to Jesus Pobre, Alicante March 2013)

Your Emailed correspondence was excellent with all questions being answered very quickly.
We had two other quotations from other companies, 1 higher and 1 a lot lower. Chose Posh Pets on internet research and word of mouth. I made the right choice. The vehicle surpassed MY WIFE's expectation and that is all the matters!Totally Thrilled with the constant upddates on their journey. FACEBOOK tracking is a fabulous idea. Future may be to utilise Google Maps or 3rd party app to give real time updates!
Totally happy with Posh Pets Travel and will use you again should I need to.- The entire process from start to finish was painfree, especially when I needed advice or guidance to begin the process. All I can say is THANK YOU.

Richard & Sharon Cleaves transporting 2 cats from Gibraltar to Beaconsfield, London March 2013

From Facebook POSH PETS SPAIN Sunday 13th January 2013
I would just like to take the opportunity now things have calmed down to thank Les and Rachel of Posh Pets Spain for transporting the Teebears gang. In my opinion they will come highly recommend to all of my friends without hesitation. They go above and beyond just a pet transportation business. They are true doggy people and understand them, so anybody that needs their dogs transported look no further. When the dogs arrived they wasn't at all interested in us they stayed around Rachel and Les ,that alone speaks volumes.thanks to my friend Jan Baker for you recommendation.

Transporting 6 Newfoundlands from Brighton UK to Alhaurin el Grande ( January 2013)

Your correspondence was prompt, thorough and friendly. Your quote was very competitive.The best price i found. The Transport vehicle seemed more than perfectly adequate for pet transportation. It was extremely reassuring seeing regular photos at different stages of travel on face book. Your service was wonderful i would recommend you to anyone wishing to transport animals from Spain to uk.

muchissimas gracias Jem Cann (Castro Urdiales to Bristol 2012)

The written quotation from you with the detailed information on the journey is what prompted me to use you.
We received one other quotation which was very much higher. The price did not decide me, it was the number of other recommendations. We were well informed on the journey, thank you. It was lovely to see Pickle 'with the wind in her hair' with the photo you had on facebook. I just knew my 3 cats would sing the cats' chorus - they had been practising! Pickle, Jessica, Marlinki and Daisy would like thank you for looking after them. They have arrived in the UK in great condition and have settled extremely well into their new home. Brilliant service, reasonable cost, prompt delivery, happy pets - what more could I ask for. Thank you. Have a good and peaceful Christmas and a very prosperous 2013.

Transportation of three pet cats & one dog from Costa del Sol to Berkshire for Mr & Mrs Irons 13th December 2013

The emailed quotation was full of the information needed. Didn't bother to get any other quotes, as we already knew of you through two other people. We also chose Posh Pets because you use the tunnel so the dogs and cats aren't left on a ferry for several hours wondering what is going on. The vehicle met our expectations & yes the compartments were really strong and built for the job.
It is great to see where you are and see the dogs en route at your stops on facebook. You run and excellent service and we would recommend you to everyone. We would just like to thank you very much for bringing Sparkle over for us, she obviously enjoyed her trip.


" Sparkle" the English Setter puppy travelled from Devon to Bordeaux 18th October 2012

I had no problems with all the correspondence, it was clear & concise. I did consult with another pet travel company who was more expensive and was going to take another day on the road. I only saw the pet travel vehicle from the outside and it seemed fine to me, and my puppy smelled very nice and seemed very happy, which makes me happy :) I was very impressed and liked the fact I could see my puppy on her travels with your use of facebook. This was a very big bonus for me. I was 100% happy and would definitely use this service again!
Thank you also for giving me details of a good vet in the UK too, I could not get an appointment until next thursday but I have followed your recommendation . Thanks again

Kristina Hill with Bella the GSD puppy travelling from Murcia, Spain to Sheffield UK October 11th 2012

Hi Rachel,
We were very happy with the service you provided and I have given you a review.
Because there were two families involved sometimes there was confusion amongst us because of our own communications. Eg. Tapeworm treatment.
1) Your quote was very informative, I liked the fact that you were to DEFRA Specifications.
2) I did get some other quotes, but for a door to door service which is what we needed you were by far the best. I wondered if the quotes from the others were taking into account the fact that I was asking from England rather than from Spain, so were higher.
3) The vehicle looked fine, didn't really take to much notice though!
4) We and all our family and friends were glued to our Facebook pages, such a good idea of yours and so reassuring.
5) I don't think there is anyway that you could improve on your service. As far as we were all concerned, your care, attention to detail and obvious love of animals were excellent.
It took Muffin a few days to settle into his new routines, but there were no after effects from his journey.
Once again many thanks

Muffin travelled from Iznajar, Spain to Cornwall, UK - 11th October 2012

The emailed correspondence contained all the information we required.We didn't receive any other quotations. The transport vehicle was fantastic. It totally exceeded our expectations. It's like travelling first class... for pets! I can honestly say the service was impeccable. We were so impressed with Posh Pets from start to finish. It was so stress free and your updates on Facebook are such a wonderful way of including your customers in their pets travelling. We were thrilled with the service we received. You seem to have perfected the art of pet transportation. We just want to thank you again for helping us to get Keira to the UK. Being a rescue dog, we were quite worried about her being around people she didn't know as she is so nervous. The Facebook updates really put us at ease. You have a lovely salon and ooze professionalism and experience. We were so pleased.

Keira the staffie transported from Alhaurin el Grande, near Malaga Spain to Newcastle upon Tyne, UK for Naomi Wing & Reece Graham 11th October 2012

Contact was excellent throughout. No other quotes were requested. Very happy with your quote and your reputation
The facebook updates on the jouney were fantastic. Very much put our minds at ease.They were wonderful!!
We were very well informed. Yours service was faultless!! The service that Posh Pets gave was brilliant. Would highly recommend. Thanks lots Posh Pets!!

Transporting Luna for Jayne Chesterton from Alhaurin el Grande to Leicetershire September 2012

Dear Rachel,
Firstly I want to thank you for delivering Prince Harry safely and with such care to the UK last Saturday. There were so many awful stories of animals dying and escaping from other pet couriers., he seemed unfazed and calm when he arrived after his 2/3 days of travel through Spain and France.
Your email correspondence during my initial enquiry was extremely informative and helpful, especially when we were n't sure if Harry had had the right Rabies jab but you checked it out for me through Defra.
I didn't get any other quotes from Pet transporters, other than British Airways, to fly him home as I felt your quote was very fair as you do a door to door service and have specially adapted vans etc.
The price was not a major factor over the care and facilities you offered.
The facebook communication through Spain and France was a huge factor in putting our minds at rest , to know he was okay and that there were no problems at the borders etc and more than anything to see a picture of Harry was very reassuring.
Your information regarding the re registration of the microchip was very helpful and we have succeeded with Pettrac, so thank you very much.
Harry is doing well as he is not allowed out for 2/3 weeks, boredom is the only problem.
i wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone requiring any of your services but in my case it was fate that I happened to sit next to Dolly on the plane when I was undecided as to whether to fly Harry back or have him driven.
A million thanks for all that you did , and I wish you a happy and prosperous future for your business,
Kind regards

Fiona Wellington ( transporting " Prince Harry" the cat from Mijas, Costa del Sol to Maidenhead, Berkshire September 2012)

The correspondence before the trip was perfect, everything was clear and any questions were answered quickly. We received lots of other quotations and yours was the lowest by around €100, no other company offered a breakdown of the price as you did, and sending the dog by plane was a lot more expensive by far. We were well informed throughout the whole process.
The travel run on facebook, well this is probably our favourite part of the whole move for Ellie, knowing she was happy and healthy (and behaving!) was very important to us and the updates were fantastic for this.
Ellie was well fed and happy when she arrived, we couldn't ask for anything more and we were very happy with this.
We would absolutely recommend Posh Pets Spain/ Posh Pets Travel and we'd recommend the service in a heartbeat.

Stephen & Hayley Ryan transporting Ellie the Bodegero from Seville to Accrington, UK, June 2012( Return trip booked in September 2012)

Fue completamente informada, verificando toda la información de mi perra que envié y facilitando toda la información necesaria rápida y eficázmente.
Recibí presupuesto de al menos 6 transportes diferentes, tanto de España como del Reino Unido y la vuestra fue la mejor. En algunas de ellas me querían incluir una tasa de 400 libras que me decían que era obligatoria para entrar a Londres, además no me recogían al animal en mi domicilio .Precio estupendo y calidad inmejorable.

Sentí completamente informado durante todo con los correos y ademas durante el trayecto.
Me hizo mucha ilusión poder seguir el viaje en Facebook y comprobar que la perra estaba disfrutando con los demás perros.
La verdad es que estoy muy contenta con el servicio, no tengo nada que aportar sobre alguna mejora del servicio ya que estoy totálmente satisfecha.

Pilar Fernandez " Bicho" un Carlino Porcuna, Jaen, Espana - Londres Junio 20, 2012

Translation into English

I was fully  informed with your information & the verifying of the documentation  of my dog that I sent ( the passport) and providing all the necessary information quickly and efficiently.
I received quotations  from at least 6  different transport companies, both from  Spain and the  United Kingdom and yours was the best. Some of them wanted to put on top an extra rate of £400  tax which I was told it was mandatory to enter London!  The price did  not also reflect  the fact that  the animal was not delivered  to  my home.  You offered  a great price and excellent quality of service. I was so completely happy.  To follow the trip on facebook  made me very excited to watch the journey and check that my dog enjoyed spending  time  with the other dogs during the walks.
The truth  to tell you is that I am very happy with your service, I can tell you  nothing to make any improvements in the service that I'm fully satisfied.

Pilar Fernandez " Bicho" a little Pug collection Porcuna, Jaen, Spain - delivered to London June 20th, 2012

From my first enquiry the communication has been fabulous,all my questions were answered quickly and thoroughly and being an over-protective cat owner I didn't feel like I was being a pain!!
I did have quotes from other PT companies, PP was the best price and the quickest response and most thorough, with details of the journey and the facebook updates made a big difference as well & was kept very well informed.
I did enjoy the updates on facebook, would have liked a pic of Twig whilst he was on his journey but that was the only thing I can mention.
I was totally happy with the service, if I move back to Spain I would definitely use PP again without hesitation.
Twiglet was calm and happy when he arrived in the UK and he smelt lovely!!  He is a very nervous little cat and I was concerned he'd be scared for the three day journey but he was surprisingly at ease.  Your team were great from when they picked him up to dropping him off, friendly, understanding and jolly even after what must have been very long days at both points, so a big thank you to them too.

Michelle Morley-Clarke transporting " Twiglet" the cat from Estepona, Spain to Eccles on Sea, Norfolk 20th June 2012

 All was correct and i can´t think of anything that would need improvement. I did receive another quote. Your price was a lot better and also the fact that the dog could travel when we needed him to travel was of course very important.  We were kept very well informed on the journey.
Being informed during the journey was very important for me. I was a bit nervous about Max travelling, he is an elderly dog, so having a regular update and photos really put my mind at ease. A big plus! The Facebook updates were fantastic !!  Max arrived in good condition and with a wagging tail, so I could not ask for more. Very happy with the way he was looked after.
I am very happy with the service Posh Pets has offered and can´t think of anything that could be improved.
I would like to thank you Rachel, and the drivers, for the terrific service and I will recommend your company to anybody who is looking for a reliable company to transport their pet.
Thank you very much.
Kind regards

Carol Kant, Transporting " Max" , 13 year old visla dog from Almeria, Spain to Heiloo, Holland, 10th July 2012

Your correspondence was very quick and gave me all the information I needed thanks very much!
Our new little girl "Gracey" from animals in distress came with you as I did not want her to come with just any one I liked the look of your company on the website and felt this was the best and least stressful way for her to come!
I only received a couple of emails from you which were very helpful & thorough though.
We absolutely loved the facebook page!!! It meant we could see our beautiful girl on her way here. We knew she was okay and happy and it was exciting to know where abouts they were and how close you were to arriving! Gracey was not upset or traumatized in any way! She cried by the door for a little while wanting your carriers to come back so she obviously was very fond of them!
We Just want to give a big thank you for bringing our beautiful girl to us so easy and trauma-free for her! xx

Transporting an adopted Rescue Dog "Gracey" from " Animals in Distress - A.I.D to Alhaurin el Grande, Spain to Essex, UK
Leanne Rocca new adoptive mother 10th July 2012


Very happy with the correspondence from Posh Pets. I did email various companies and had quotes varying from 300 - 650euros!!
But to be honest money wasn't the issue .. the main thing for me was finding someone who I trusted in!! and I got a really good vibe from your web page etc.
I was kept very informed throughout from the initial enquiry to transport.
I enjoyed very much following Gypsys trip on facebook so as did my friends!!!
I was happy with the complete service that Posh Pets gave-  very happy!.

Aurora Morales with "Gypsy" Transporting from Estepona to Ilkley, West Yorkshire
20th June 2012


Excellent communication throughout from initial communication to transport. We did receive other quotes but your website was the deciding factor.We didn't follow on facebook...but think it's a great way of communicating! Excellent service....Thank you!

Jon & Karen James with " Pip " the Yorkshire Terrier Transported from Marbella to Manchester 20th June 2012


I thought the e-mailed quotation from Posh Pets gave all the information necessary for me to make a decision to use your company. The price for taking Cleo by air was £495 and friends told me that it was very traumatic for their pets. The owner of the cattery where Cleo usually goes was very dismissive about any pet transport company but after reading your website and reading reviews from other customers I had no hesitation in using you. You kept us well informed through initial enquiry to transport.
Keeping up to date & tracking the pets journey on facebook -This was fantastic! - I don't normally use Facebook but really enjoyed reading your blogs and all our friends in the UK and Spain were following Cleo's journey. I don't think you could improve anything. I was very impressed considering the length of the journey, especially in the UK with the number of drop-offs all over the country. I will definately recommend you to friends and if we were ever to rescue a dog in Spain I will use Posh Pets to bring them to Dinnington.

Lesley Baike - Cat Cleo Transported 20th June 2012 San Roque, Spain to Dinnington near Newcastle upon Tyne

I thought the correspondence was very good and every email was answered promptly.-I received another quote after I had committed to you and there wasn't much in it. It was UK SPAIN UK. But it was a removals company and did not offer the same comfort as you offered to pets. The Pet travel vehicle met our expectations my son especially loved your spruced up van. The facebook page was very informative. My parents who were meeting the pets were also phoned and kept informed.
I was very happy and the animals seem happy, so I can't complain. I have also given your details to my local vets and to my former employer who are always being asked about pet transportation. A very good service and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a personal touch to the movement of their precious pets.


Shadow & Sassy ( Precious pets of Eva Stonefield & Family transported from Manilva to huddersfield February 2012.


The email correspondence was good for me. I had the information I needed and you answered all the questions I had. I received other quotations and your Pet Transportation is competitive, and I would even say reasonable compared with British Airways for instance who are completely out of their mind. The price was one of the main reasons I chose you. I have been well informed. I didn't follow you on facebook, I don't have an account but my sister did and sent me some emails. Another friend of mine followed the trip as well on facebook. I was happy with the service and I will recommend you if I have the opportunity to do so. Thanks a lot.


Family pets Babouche & Caramelle (cats) transported from Toulouse, France to Devon for Isabelle Mirouze February 2012


We had no queries and everything was made clear throughout our enquires. The price was a major factor, we had received one other blockquote which was higher than yours. This blockquote was from the company that took the dogs over for us but not only was yours cheaper it was also a much better service. We didn't really see into the vehicle as it was late but from what we did see it seemed more than adequate. We were extremely pleased with the updates we received from you on the journey it put our minds at rest as a company in your line of work we couldn't have been more happy. We were completely happy with the service Posh Pets Spain gave us, we really feel that with the condition of Tink that you really went the extra mile. We would highly recommend your company.


Tink & Charlie two bulldogs transported from Spain to Stockton on Tees end of January 2012 for Louise Smith.


I was very impressed with all email correspondence and i can't really think of anything to improve on.
I did receive other quotations and found yours very competitive although that was not the main reason for choosing yourselves, it was mainly your quick response and information given in detail also i thought your website caught my eye better than the others. I was quite happy when i saw the vehicle being used and had no hesitation in sending my dog with you.
At first when i initially booked your services i thought i would be the one having to phone or email to make all the enquiries, but i didn't have to worry as you kept me informed from beginning to the end of the journey, and i have just recently recommended you to an acquaintance who phoned and was happy with the blockquote that they have now booked for their little terrier to go to Wales. I suppose there is always room for improvement in any service we may receive but the service I received from you was exceptional from beginning to end.

Janet Kane with little Rocky the French Bull dog transported January 2012 Fuengirola to Liverpool.


Just a note to say THANK YOU very very much for bringing me tribe home.
Your professionalism and due care has been brilliant.
They have settled down a bit now, Rocky just strutted round the place like he'd been here before, took a while for Percy to show his colours, Jaffa was a bit nervous but ok,they are all asleep cuddled up on the settee. As I said its taken 6 months to plan to this stage, part 2 to follow, but now were all reunited gonna have a few weeks bonding, then start on stage 2. Thank you for everything Rachel, including transferring Elvis back last year.
So I can't say any more. Well done to you, and who knows...I may end up back in Rute one day.
Say thanks to Les? (sorry if wrong name) It's a long trip you both have to make, and you have tons of responsibility, but I wouldn't trust anyone else to care for me pets.
Everything was as expected, you can't improve on perfection !! Thought you did brilliant, very professional from start to finish. The Price was excellent, wouldn't choose anyone else to transport me Tribe, especially if we come back The vehicle for pet transportation was fantastic so that you could handle the pets in a safe controlled environment. The Facebook Posh Pets Spain page was brilliant, never expected it to be so good, and informative, I could track the progress back to the UK, the 'UK Border' photos made me cry, I was so happy that they were back in the UK !! I was so happy with the complete service that POSH PETS SPAIN gave, the only thing I could have asked for was to bring a few boxes of Andalucian sunshine next time !! Cos we ALL miss it !!!! Other than that, you were brilliant.!!
All the best for 2012.
Ian x

Transporting 4 cats to Yorkshire from Rute January 12th 2012

Good correspondence throughout initial enquiry to delivery of my boy!
Very competitive blockquote and the most important thing was the comfort of my pet. The transport vehicle met my expectations. Good communication throughout, was glued to Facebook for updates, thanks a lot for that! :)
Very happy for the complete Posh Pets Service thanks!


Lee-Ann Ballard with Kane transporting Kane from San Roque to Wimbledon January 12th 2012

All correspondence was excellent and quickly received. I found you to be very competitive. The price is a factor initially but trust is more important and a sense of care to the animals. I did not see the vehicle first hand but what I did see on your website & Face Book I was impressed. I think the Face Book is an excellent way to keep us fully informed and it was good to check in every day and see where you all were and how everyone was doing, it was like tracking you all!!! Couper returned to me happy and well cared for looking fantastic, the photos which were posted on line of him playing showed to me how well he was taken care of, I really cannot think of any way in which you can improve, showing the animals affection and taking time to play with them is important and that it what you have done. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for boarding and pet transportation, I was very anxious prior to Couper being picked up but once I met you I was totally relaxed and knew he was in good hands and he would be looked after as if he were your own, I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of Couper.


Jaqueline mcdaid the owner of Couper the Yellow Labrador (boarding & Pet Transportation from Marbella to Fife, Scotland) September 2011


We were more than happy with all correspondence from Posh Pets regarding pet transportation. We did not receive any other blockquotes for pet transportation as we felt the price was fair and also we were very happy with the service from Posh Pets and had no wish to entrust our pets to any other company. We were very happy with the detail of the information given to us by Posh Pets which covered everything we needed to know. Whilst Posh Pets were fostering our cats we had regular emails keeping us up to date with news of our pets and regular photos of them which really meant a lot to us to see how well and content they were. In fact our 17 year old cat actually looked better when she came home than she did before we left her with Posh Pets! We were delighted with the service given to us by Posh Pets. I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them.


Sandy Andre with "Cutie & Mollie" 7 months foster care & transport to Girvan, Scotland ( January 2011)

The Wintery December 2010Thought we would just say that your service was excellent all round. We did not receive any other blockquotes but we know it would have been competitive. In the terrible weather you managed to get to us with four wheels & you got there safely.... Impressed!!!! You kept us very well informed throughout the journey. Thanks. You cannot improve on your service....it was brilliant


Dylan the Westie - Alistair Forrest & Lynda Adlington travelling from Posh Pets Spain to Ludlow, Shropshire


Just wanted to say I thought that your emailed correspondence was precise & nothing needs to be improved on, I did receive other quotations and I thought your price was very competitive. The price was a large factor in my decision, in as much as it was around the same as a few others, but much less than one of them, which I dismissed immediately, as I couldn't see any way that their service was better than yours. I didn't actually see the vehicle, but saw it in a photograph, and thought it looked very comfortable, and liked the fact that it would be heated to a temperature that humans would be comfortable in, and therefore the same would go for the animals! I was most impressed with the fact that you kept us up to date with your progress- and also , most impressed with the progress you made in view of the horrendous winter weather conditions on your journey. I don't think that could be improved upon. I was very happy indeed with the service your company gave and keeping me informed of the journey, and am at a loss to think of any way you could improve it. For my part I would like to thank you very much for your excellent service, and be sure that I would recommend it to anyone I come across who needs to transport a dog back to the UK- or from the UK. Sorry I haven't been able to give you any hints as to how you could improve your service. I thought it was close to perfect!


Shadow the Weimeraner travelled from Antequera to Berkshire owners Jess & Caroline Schwier


E.mail - November 2010 -Dear Rachel & Les of Posh Pets Spain I would just like to say as a testimonial - Everything was explained very clearly in your email correspondence. It was very correct & informative. I did not receive any other quotations for Pet Transportation, price was not the major factor in the decision to choose you, but the quality of care was. We were kept very well informed. We especially liked being emailed photos while our cat was in quarantine/ foster care with you for so long. Everything was taken care of professionally and also tenderly. Many thanks for all your help. I would very happy to recommend your services.


Sheila Kelly owner of Cleo the cat long term foster care at Posh Pets Spain & Pet transport to London. ( October 2010)


E.mail - November 2010 - Hi Rachel, Hope you are well.  I thought I'd drop you a little note to advise "mission accomplished`' Lightning arrived back into UK safe and sound on Monday morning.  His box was perfect and the passport was 100% satisfactory thank you for all the sorting out.  He's now back at home with my sister and her boys being loved and spoilt.  I really cannot thank you enough for everything you did to help.The experience of flying a dog back is not one I will ever repeat, nor recommend, as you worry from the moment you have to leave them with the cargo handlers and if delayed it's an even bigger worry.  At the end of the day he is not a piece of cargo !.. So if ever, (I hope never) I find  myself in the same position again then I would use Posh Pets and get him chauffeured.  I have and will recommend your services at every opportunity.
Thank you, thank you, thank you !
Best wishes


Sharron, Family and Lightning


Hi Rachel and Les, hope you had a good trip back from UK. We want to thank you again for the marvellous way you handled and at such short notice Wacky's trip back to UK. Our daughters were extremely impressed with your mode of transport and also said how kind and warm you both were to Wacky.  We have seen Helen and she knew that with yourselves in charge there would be no problems.
The "Boy" has now settled in and indeed with the cooler climate he seems to have a new lease of life and is enjoying his evening walks.We will have no problems recommending your services to anybody. All mail and discussion was very informative and in our instance correct. Your actual blockquote was indeed competitive but despite being slightly higher the price to us was irrelevant.  Its the recommendation and service that counted. Most impressed with the vehicle and very up to date and with all mod cons, considering the short notice we gave you, you covered all points fully and professionally.  The text messages on the progress of the journey and the welfare of our pet was very reassuring and a nice touch. From the manner in which you dealt with everything in a professional and kind way we cannot see any other way to improve your service.  Best wishes for your continued success.
So best regards and take care


John & Sally Howell with Wacky (Gibraltar to Wiltshire September 2010)


Thank you for your care & assistance with our animal family. We thought that your correspondence/communication was fantastic. No improvement to suggest as it was very comprehensive. We got a number of blockquotes and yours was the most competitive by far, also the timeline in which you could collect them for us was a major factor. We were very impressed by the vehicle you transported are pets in our pets seemed very calm and happy when they arrived with us.  We were kept very well informed, communication was very good, no improvements to suggest. We were totally satisfied & our pets seemed in great spirits when they arrived home. Sorry we have not got back to you sooner, to thank you for all your care & attention of our little animal family. Also, sorry we had such a mix up with you trying to find us, we should have arranged to meet you off the A-7 to make it more convenient for you. We will be in touch in the next week or so to book Sasha in for a haircut.
Many Thanks


Jan & Iain  (Sascha, Morse , Remy & Mac)
(Moved from Cambridge to Mijas September 2010)


Hello Rachel
All email correspondence was efficient and well done
I got a number of blockquotes and some were very expensive and it seems a few had bad reputations unlike yourselves price and reputation was very important and you did well on both would definitely recommend you and in fact I have already have done to a friend.
I was well informed throughout the dogs' transportation and was very happy with aspects of the work you have done and again would and recommend you to other people.
The only advice I would give is to tell people to contact pet log to register their pets as i phoned a few vets near me and a couple didn't know how to do it and it cost 15 pound per pet over the phone. Thanks again for your help and I hope great success with your business.


Kind regards Andy with dogs Valentino & Diesel (Pet travel September 2010 from Alhaurin el Grande to Bradford, Yorkshire).


Hi Rachel
Your email documented everything we needed to know and was very informative. We looked into driving Izzy back ourselves, flying her back and other pet transporters. Your quotation was competitive and price is a factor but the main thing for us is that you delivered Izzy to my parents. I think the service you provided was very prompt in that you emailed when you said  you would also phoned my parents as advised to let them know when you thought you would be arriving. We are very pleased with the service you provided and Izzy arrived very happy. We would gladly recommend you to any other pet owners looking for a similar service.  


(Francis with dog Izzy Pet Travel from Mijas to Sheffield, Yorkshire September 2010).


The correspondence was fine and you were so helpful over facilitating my payments to Wayne the Vet. I did get other Pet Travel blockquotes, but I can't remember who it was, and as soon as I found out that you would transport them for me it was obviously easier as you were so close to where we lived. I was amazed at how quickly you got here! I thought your service was absolutely fine and would recommend your service, definitely.


(Linda Christie delivering her 4 cats to Ashford in Kent September 2010).