it was clear & concise. I did consult with another pet travel company who was more expensive and was going to take another day on the road. I only saw the pet travel vehicle from the outside and it seemed fine to me, and my puppy smelled very nice and seemed very happy, which makes me happy :) I was very impressed and liked the fact I could see my puppy on her travels with your use of facebook. This was a very big bonus for me. I was 100% happy and would definitely use this service again!
Thank you also for giving me details of a good vet in the UK too, I could not get an appointment until next thursday but I have followed your recommendation . Thanks again

Kristina Hill with Bella the GSD puppy travelling from Murcia, Spain to Sheffield UK October 11th 2012

Hi Rachel,
We were very happy with the service you provided and I have given you a review.
Because there were two families involved sometimes there was confusion amongst us because of our own communications. Eg. Tapeworm treatment.
1) Your quote was very informative, I liked the fact that you were to DEFRA Specifications.
2) I did get some other quotes, but for a door to door service which is what we needed you were by far the best. I wondered if the quotes from the others were taking into account the fact that I was asking from England rather than from Spain, so were higher.
3) The vehicle looked fine, didn't really take to much notice though!
4) We and all our family and friends were glued to our Facebook pages, such a good idea of yours and so reassuring.
5) I don't think there is anyway that you could improve on your service. As far as we were all concerned, your care, attention to detail and obvious love of animals were excellent.
It took Muffin a few days to settle into his new routines, but there were no after effects from his journey.
Once again many thanks

Muffin travelled from Iznajar, Spain to Cornwall, UK - 11th October 2012

The emailed correspondence contained all the information we required.We didn't receive any other quotations. The transport vehicle was fantastic. It totally exceeded our expectations. It's like travelling first class... for pets! I can honestly say the service was impeccable. We were so impressed with Posh Pets from start to finish. It was so stress free and your updates on Facebook are such a wonderful way of including your customers in their pets travelling. We were thrilled with the service we received. You seem to have perfected the art of pet transportation. We just want to thank you again for helping us to get Keira to the UK. Being a rescue dog, we were quite worried about her being around people she didn't know as she is so nervous. The Facebook updates really put us at ease. You have a lovely salon and ooze professionalism and experience. We were so pleased.

Keira the staffie transported from Alhaurin el Grande, near Malaga Spain to Newcastle upon Tyne, UK for Naomi Wing & Reece Graham 11th October 2012

Contact was excellent throughout. No other quotes were requested. Very happy with your quote and your reputation
The facebook updates on the jouney were fantastic. Very much put our minds at ease.They were wonderful!!
We were very well informed. Yours service was faultless!! The service that Posh Pets gave was brilliant. Would highly recommend. Thanks lots Posh Pets!!

Transporting Luna for Jayne Chesterton from Alhaurin el Grande to Leicetershire September 2012

Dear Rachel,
Firstly I want to thank you for delivering Prince Harry safely and with such care to the UK last Saturday. There were so many awful stories of animals dying and escaping from other pet couriers., he seemed unfazed and calm when he arrived after his 2/3 days of travel through Spain and France.
Your email correspondence during my initial enquiry was extremely informative and helpful, especially when we were n't sure if Harry had had the right Rabies jab but you checked it out for me through Defra.
I didn't get any other quotes from Pet transporters, other than British Airways, to fly him home as I felt your quote was very fair as you do a door to door service and have specially adapted vans etc.
The price was not a major factor over the care and facilities