you offered.
The facebook communication through Spain and France was a huge factor in putting our minds at rest , to know he was okay and that there were no problems at the borders etc and more than anything to see a picture of Harry was very reassuring.
Your information regarding the re registration of the microchip was very helpful and we have succeeded with Pettrac, so thank you very much.
Harry is doing well as he is not allowed out for 2/3 weeks, boredom is the only problem.
i wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone requiring any of your services but in my case it was fate that I happened to sit next to Dolly on the plane when I was undecided as to whether to fly Harry back or have him driven.
A million thanks for all that you did , and I wish you a happy and prosperous future for your business,
Kind regards

Fiona Wellington ( transporting " Prince Harry" the cat from Mijas, Costa del Sol to Maidenhead, Berkshire September 2012)

The correspondence before the trip was perfect, everything was clear and any questions were answered quickly. We received lots of other quotations and yours was the lowest by around €100, no other company offered a breakdown of the price as you did, and sending the dog by plane was a lot more expensive by far. We were well informed throughout the whole process.
The travel run on facebook, well this is probably our favourite part of the whole move for Ellie, knowing she was happy and healthy (and behaving!) was very important to us and the updates were fantastic for this.
Ellie was well fed and happy when she arrived, we couldn't ask for anything more and we were very happy with this.
We would absolutely recommend Posh Pets Spain/ Posh Pets Travel and we'd recommend the service in a heartbeat.

Stephen & Hayley Ryan transporting Ellie the Bodegero from Seville to Accrington, UK, June 2012( Return trip booked in September 2012)

Fue completamente informada, verificando toda la información de mi perra que envié y facilitando toda la información necesaria rápida y eficázmente.
Recibí presupuesto de al menos 6 transportes diferentes, tanto de España como del Reino Unido y la vuestra fue la mejor. En algunas de ellas me querían incluir una tasa de 400 libras que me decían que era obligatoria para entrar a Londres, además no me recogían al animal en mi domicilio .Precio estupendo y calidad inmejorable.

Sentí completamente informado durante todo con los correos y ademas durante el trayecto.
Me hizo mucha ilusión poder seguir el viaje en Facebook y comprobar que la perra estaba disfrutando con los demás perros.
La verdad es que estoy muy contenta con el servicio, no tengo nada que aportar sobre alguna mejora del servicio ya que estoy totálmente satisfecha.

Pilar Fernandez " Bicho" un Carlino Porcuna, Jaen, Espana - Londres Junio 20, 2012

Translation into English

I was fully  informed with your information & the verifying of the documentation  of my dog that I sent ( the passport) and providing all the necessary information quickly and efficiently.
I received quotations  from at least 6  different transport companies, both from  Spain and the  United Kingdom and yours was the best. Some of them wanted to put on top an extra rate of £400  tax which I was told it was mandatory to enter London!  The price did  not also reflect  the fact that  the animal was not delivered  to  my home.  You offered  a great price and excellent quality of service. I was so completely happy.  To follow the trip on facebook  made me very excited to watch the journey and check that my dog enjoyed spending  time  with the other dogs during the walks.
The truth  to tell you is that I am very happy with your service, I can tell you  nothing to make any improvements in the service that I'm fully satisfied.

Pilar Fernandez " Bicho" a little Pug collection Porcuna, Jaen, Spain - delivered to London June 20th, 2012

From my first enquiry the communication has been fabulous,all my questions were answered quickly and thoroughly and being an over-protective cat owner I didn't feel like I was being a pain!!
I did have quotes from other PT companies, PP was the best price and the quickest response and most thorough, with details of the