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We are re-locating from the UK to Spain. What paperwork do we need?

Your pet will need an (AHC) ANIMAL HEALTH CERTIFICATE showing a record of the microchip followed by the rabies vaccination which must be at least 21 days prior to travel. Travel must be within 10 days of the AHC being issued. Once you arrive in Spain and you are resident in Spain, you need to re-register your pet at your local vet & your pet will be eligible for an EU pet passport.

We are currently in the UK, post BREXIT. Our dog has an EU pet passport (Spanish), and we are heading back to Spain. Does our dog need an AHC?

An EU pet passport issued from a member state e.g. France or Spain will remain accepted for travel between Great Britain & the EU after the 1st January 2021 provided it remains VALID (RABIES IN DATE). Be advised that a GB vet will NO LONGER be able to update the EU issued pet passport other than tapeworm & clinical examination sections.

We are repatriating back to the UK from Spain. Our pets have GB passports (PRE BREXIT). Are these valid travel documents for travel?

Yes, they are, as long as they are up to date with rabies however once in the UK the GB passports will no longer be valid; if you are going to be travelling out of Great Britain into the EU your GB vet can transfer the details from your passports to an (AHC). If you are going to be a regular traveller to the EU & you currently have a residence in the EU it may be a good idea to get yourselves EU pet passports which will give you much more flexibility for travel. You must keep the rabies in date but you cannot update the rabies in the UK, something to keep an eye on.

Does my dog need to have a tapeworm treatment for travel into the EU from GB?

No, a tapeworm treatment is only required for travel into the UK.

What do we do to bring our dog & cat back into the UK under the Pet Travel scheme?

An EU pet passport issued in a member state is still valid to enter GB. Before they enter all pets must be:


  • Micro chipped
  • Vaccination against rabies – your vet needs proof that your pets are at least 12 weeks old before vaccinating them.
  • Travellers from the EU with pets need to wait 21 days after the primary vaccination before travel into GB.
  • Your pets will need an EU Pet passport
  • Your dog (not cat) will require a tapeworm treatment & the pet passport stamped by an official vet 24hrs to 120hrs before entering the UK.
We have a holiday home in Spain and we want to travel with our dog to Spain for three months of the winter. What documents do we need?

Your dog will need an (AHC) ANIMAL HEALTH CERTIFICATE showing a  record of the microchip followed by the rabies vaccination which must be at least 21 days prior to travel. Travel must be within 10 days of the AHC being issued. The AHC will be valid for 4 months.

On returning to the UK within the time validity of the AHC your dog will need a tapeworm treatment 24hrs to 120hours prior to re-entry to the UK. The official vet will enter the details into your AHC & stamp it for you.

Are there any age restrictions for pets being brought into the UK?

Pets must be at least 15 weeks old. They must have been vaccinated on or after 12 weeks of age and there is a 21 day wait before they can move between Member States.

What are the most common causes of failure in entering the UK?

Tapeworm treatment issues account for most of the failures, pet owners not arranging the treatment within the defined timeframe, failure for the vet to put correct time, date, no clear veterinary stamp, tippex used or no vet signature.

What happens if the microchip cannot be read?

In the event you are unable to scan and read the original microchip, the pet must be re-chipped. If the pet has been previously prepared for travel, then it must be re-prepared in accordance with pet travel rules.

What happens to pets that fail entry to the UK?

If pets are not found to have met the rules when they arrive in the UK, they will be licensed into quarantine, reexported or destroyed. It is most likely that pet owners will choose for their animals to enter quarantine.

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