Re-Register your Pets Microchips

What you need to have to get ready for your pet’s journey

Re-Register your Pets Microchip

It is so important for your pets safety to ensure that when you move home particularly to another country that you re-register your pets microchip to your new address. This will save any upset if your dog should become lost in the first few days of arriving at your new home.

A pet tag is also far quicker means of identification than a microchip. You, the owner, can be contacted immediately avoiding a stressful search for your beloved pet or the potential waiting that comes with microchip identification. It is also easier for the person who has found the pet to contact the first available number on an identification tag.

Many animals end up at animal shelters because they simply have no means of identification, this can be traumatic for both the pet & owner, so why not increase the chance of being re-united with your pet by ordering an ID tag from us today. We can have an Id Tag made for you with your new details & deliver it with your pet to your new home, you can order direct with us or on-line please visit:

In most European Countries now it is law that a dog should have a microchip but also display an ID tag with the owners address / location details on it. 

To re-register your microchip you simply have to go to your new veterinary hospital & re-register your pet with them & the vets will sort the paperwork out for you alternatively sometimes you can re-register your details on-line please visit: or

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Returning to the UK Urgently?

Contact Posh Pets and we will look after your pet, obtain their Pet Passport and send them home at the date the passport becomes valid. Pet Collections in Spain are available if you are unable to deliver them directly to our premises.